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Tonje Rebecca Rosenberg was born in Oslo, Norway, in 1971. She grew up with her mother who was a very creative artlover, so she got an early introduction to many forms of art, such as oilpainting, watercolor, pottery, copper relief, jewelry etc.

In the age of 22, Tonje started her first company with color and style and since then she has worked as an entrepreneur starting several companies.

She currently live with her husband in the very south of Norway in a small town called Kristiansand. The beautiful nature there gives her inspiration.

Resent years, because of health issues, she has had the time and opportunity to explore acrylic-painting and other mediums. She found that it gives her great joy and an important dimension in life. She especially loves to paint intuitively and create different structures that gives sort of an organic and natural expression, but is open to any form the painting takes.

She finds great inspiration, specially by an italian artist called Max Gasparini and other, but also light and textures in nature, different cultures and old charming arcitecture. She seek to find balance between the rough and fine, the dark and light, finished/unfinished etc. Through this she wants to express the world as real and not through the fake filter we often are represented.

As she loves to explore new things and evolve as a person, she finds great joy in attending different courses, both abstract and figurative, and loves the diversity of art.

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