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marmor Surface

"Light" is a captivating work of art in mixed media on canvas, with the size 100x80 cm. It creates an imaginary, introspective dream world of hopes and dreams, along with realism. This captivating work of art, "Light", comes to life on canvas in an interesting mixture of mixed media. The generous size of 100x80 cm allows the viewer to immerse themselves in an imaginary world, where introspection meets a dream world filled with hope and possibilities. The artist skilfully combines elements of realism with fantasy, inviting us to explore the beauty of our dreams and the power of our imagination. As we contemplate this thought-provoking work, we are reminded that within each brushstroke lies a story waiting to be discovered.


SKU: 217537123517253
  • Size 100x80 cm

    Mixed media on canvas.

    Year: 2022

    Original artwork

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