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marmor Surface

Transition is a very cool mixed media painting, painted on canvas in dimensions 80 x 65 cm.

"Transition" is a genuine work of art that combines different media on canvas. Inspired by the Mediterranean region, the artist has used a palette of neutral colors to create a calm but visible decoration. This piece of art works as a statement, able to elevate its surroundings and add a touch of elegance. With its weathered appearance, "Transition" exudes a sense of timelessness, giving it a timeless quality that will captivate viewers for years to come

The artist has chosen to call this work "Transition", which means transition. One thinks that one is in a process from one place to another.


SKU: 364215376135199
  • Transition is a painting inspired by Italy, like Golden moments. There is a timeless heaviness in its neutral but distinct feel.

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